An Intervention can be the answer when life has gotten out of control. An Intervention may be needed when a loved one refuses to seek professional help in the event of Bipolar Disorder, severe Depression, Schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders, an Eating Disorder, Gambling, Gaming, or Pornography addictions, or, more commonly, an Alcohol or other Drug Problem.

“Dr. Dave” Janzen, an Interventionist based in Atlanta, specializes in Interventions for individuals struggling with chemical and behavioral addictions, families under the strain of dealing with addicted or mentally ill (or both at once) loved ones, and organizations which are distracted by conflict and turmoil.

Utilizing the ARISE model of Intervention and customizing the Intervention for the client’s needs, you will find hope for healing, resources for recovery, and the compassionate and competent guidance you deserve to move through this difficult time.

Dr. Dave also provides Pastoral Family Psychotherapy for families in distress, Recovery Coaching for for individuals struggling with early recovery from an addictive disorder or a mental illness, and compassionate & competent counseling & hypnotherapy for many of life’s challenges.


“It’s time for your life to be about something other than a disease” — 1 Comment

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